New Ivanti Security Controls Content Available – 04/18/2023

Issue: Some agents may no longer be able to receive patch definition updates

Ivanti Security Controls agent-based patch management users are impacted. A code-signing certificate update caused a patch definition delivery interruption for Ivanti Security Controls Agents.

Action Required: Force an Update of All Ivanti Security Controls Agent Policies

Content signing certificate trust is part of Agent Policy. The easiest way to force an update of all Agent Polices is to update the Console Alias list. Simply navigate to Tools -> Console Alias Editor and click Update, no other change or Edit is required.

This will force all agents to get a new copy of their Policy with the correct signing certificate information.

More Information:

XML Last Modified 04/18/2023


– Added FF-230417(QFF11201): Firefox 112.0.1

– Added GIMP-230417(QGIMP21034): GIMP 2.10.34

– Added JAVA8-230418(QJDK8U371): Java 8 Update 371*

– Added JDK11-230418(QJDK11019): Java Development Kit 11 update 11.0.19*

– Added JDK17-230418(QJDK1707): Java Development Kit 17 update 17.0.7

– Added OPERA-230418(QOP970471983): Opera 97.0.4719.83

– Added OVB61-230418(QOVB6144): VirtualBox 6.1.44

– Added OVB70-230418(QOVB708): VirtualBox 7.0.8

– Added PLXS-230418(QPLXS13206950): Plex Media Server

– Added SKYPE-230417(QSKY8960408): Skype

– Added TOMCAT9-230418(QTOMCAT90740): Apache Tomcat

– Added UVNC-230417(QUVNC1420): UltraVNC

– Added WEBVIEW2-230417(QWBVW1120172248): Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime 112.0.1722.48

– Added ZOOM-230418(QZOOM51415287): Zoom Client

– Added ZOOMOUT-230417(QZOOMO5145851): Zoom Outlook Plugin

Patches marked with a “*” require a manual download. For guidance, see