New Ivanti Security Controls Content Available – 03/17/2023

XML Last Modified 03/17/2023


– Added MEDGE-230316(QMEDGE1110166144): Microsoft Edge 111.0.1661.44

– Added NITRO-230317(QNITRO1370450): Nitro Pro

– Added NITROE-230317(QNITROE1370450): Nitro Pro Enterprise

– Added PSVPN-230109(QPSVPN22310): Pulse Secure VPN Desktop Client*


– Added R-230317(QR423): R for Windows 4.2.3

– Added RKTCHT-230317(QRKTCHT3817MSI): Rocket.Chat Desktop Client 3.8.17

– Added WEBVIEW2-230317(QWBVW1110166144): Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime 111.0.1661.44

Patches marked with a “*” require a manual download. For guidance, see

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