New Ivanti Security Controls Content Available – 12/12/2022

NOTE: Security Controls versions 2021.2.1 and older will reach EOL/EOS on Dec 6. Please update to the latest version.

XML Last Modified 12/12/2022


– Added CLKSHRMW-221212(QCLKSHRMW426012): ClickShare App Machine-Wide Installer

– Added GIT-221212(QGIT23901): GIT for windows


– Added AIMP-221212(QAIMP5102417): AIMP 5.10.2417

– Added GDFS-221212(QFS68020): Google Drive File Stream

– Added GEBRACL-221212(QGEBRACL607490): GeoGebra Classic 6.0.749.0

– Added JEANS-221212(QBJN240660): BlueJeans