New Ivanti Security Controls Content Available – 12/08/2022

NOTE: Security Controls versions 2021.2.1 and older will reach EOL/EOS on Dec 6. Please update to the latest version.

XML Last Modified 12/08/2022


– Added CSFS-221208(QFS64916303): Falcon Sensor for Windows 6.49.16303*

– Added VSCODE-221207(QVSCODE17400): Visual Studio Code 1.74.0

– Added WIRES36-221207(QWIRES3610EXE): Wireshark 3.6.10

– Added WIRES40-221208(QWIRES402EXE): Wireshark 4.0.2


– Added NXTCLD-221208(QNXTCLD364): NextCloud Desktop Client

Patches marked with a “*” require a manual download. For guidance, see