New Ivanti Security Controls Content Available – 11/17/2022

NOTE: Security Controls versions 2021.2.1 and older will reach EOL/EOS on Dec 6. Please update to the latest version.

XML Last Modified 11/17/2022


– Added ARDC20-221117(QADC2000530418): Adobe Acrobat and Reader 2022 Classic 20.005.30418

– Added ARDC-221117(QADC2200320282): Adobe Acrobat DC and Acrobat Reader DC 22.003.20282

– Added BEDIT-221117(QBEDIT4200970): Box Edit

– Added DOCKER-221117(QDOCKER41410): Docker for Windows

– Added ENOT-221116(QENOT10494): Evernote 10.49.4

– Added JABRA-221117(QJD65318010): Jabra Direct 6.5.31801.0

– Added OPERA-221117(QOP930458511): Opera 93.0.4585.11


– Added MTEAMS-221116(QMTEAMS15031168): Microsoft Teams (Machine-Wide Installer)

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