New Ivanti Security Controls Content Available – 03/05/2021

Download Ivanti Security Controls (previously known as Patch for Windows) here, or it can be updated within the product from the main page under Help > Check for program updates.

XML Last Modified 03/05/2021


– Added CSFS-210305(QFS61813212): Falcon sensor for Windows 6.18.13212*

– Added DROPBOX-210305(QDROPBOX1174378): DropBox 117.4.378

– Added LIBRE71-210305(QLIBRE7112): LibreOffice 7.1.1

– Added MEDGE-210305(QMEDGE89077445): Microsoft Edge 89.0.774.45

– Added NITRO-210305(QNITRO13353685): Nitro Pro

– Added NITROE-210305(QNITROE13353685): Nitro Pro Enterprise

– Added RTS5-210305(QRTS50460305): Royal TS 5.04.60305

Patches marked with a “*” require a manual download. For guidance, see