New Ivanti Security Controls Content Available – 02/24/2021

Download Ivanti Security Controls (previously known as Patch for Windows) here, or it can be updated within the product from the main page under Help > Check for program updates.

XML Last Modified 02/24/2021


– Added PBID-210223(QBI2907820): Microsoft Power BI Desktop 2.90.782.0

– Added TB-210224(QTB7880): Thunderbird 78.8.0

– Added TVIEW11-210224(QTVIEW113625350): TeamViewer 11.3.62535.0

– Added TVIEW12-210224(QTVIEWH123625340): TeamViewer 12.3.62534.0

– Added TVIEW13-210224(QTVIEW132362220): TeamViewer 13.2.36222.0


– Added RCENTRAL-210224(QRNGCNT211213065): RingCentral App (Machine-Wide Installer)