New Ivanti Security Controls Content Available – 11/25/2020

Download Ivanti Security Controls (previously known as Patch for Windows) here, or it can be updated within the product from the main page under Help > Check for program updates.

XML Last Modified 11/25/2020


  • Added GDSYNC10-201124(QGS101477): GoodSync
  • Added GDSYNC11-201124(QGS11477): GoodSync
  • Added NOJSC-201124(QNODEJSC1530): Node.JS 15.3.0 (Current)
  • Added NOJSLL-201124(QNODEJSLL12200): Node.JS 12.20.0 (LTS Lower)
  • Added OPERA-201125(QOP7203815400): Opera Browser 72.0.3815.400
  • Added PBID-201125(QBI2879230): Microsoft Power BI Desktop 2.87.923.0
  • Added VMWP15-20119(QVMWP1557): VMware Workstation 15.5.7 Player
  • Added VMWW15-201119(QVMWW1557): VMware Workstation 15.5.7 Pro