New Ivanti Patch for Windows Content Available – 03/26/2020

Patch for Windows has become Ivanti Security Controls. Read about the new features and update your system today –

XML Last Modified 03/26/2020


– Added CSFS-200326(QFS52811009): Falcon Sensor for Windows 5.28.11009*

– Added GOODSYNC-200326(QGS101144): GoodSync

– Added ICLOUD-200326(QICLOUD718022): Apple iCloud

– Added PLXS-200326(QPLXS11892571): Plex Media Server


– Added AIMP-200326(QAIMP4602180): AIMP 4.60.2180

– Added MSNS20-0325-O365-MONTHLY(QO3650325): Office 365 Monthly Channel: March 25, 2020

Patches marked with a “*” require a manual download. For guidance, see