New Ivanti Patch for Windows Content Available – 10/31/2019

Patch for Windows has become Ivanti Security Controls. Read about the new features and update your system today –

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XML Last Modified 10/31/2019


– Added DROPBOX-124(QDROPBOX844170): DropBox 84.4.170

– Added GIMP-019(QGIMP21014): GIMP 2.10.14

– Added ICLOUD-022(QICLOUD715010): Apple iCloud

– Added LIBRE-120(QLIBRE6332): LibreOffice

– Added TORT-035(QTORT1130): TortoiseSVN 1.13.0


– Added MSNS19-1031-O365(Q1213020272): Office 365 Monthly Channel: October 30, 2019