New Ivanti Patch for Windows Content Available – 10/29/2019

Patch for Windows has become Ivanti Security Controls. Read about the new features and update your system today –

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XML Last Modified 10/29/2019

New Product

– Added support for CrowdStrike Falcon Sensor

– Added support for Morphisec Protector

– Added support for Windows 10 1909


– Added GOTOM-075(QGTM1021): GoToMeeting 10.2.1

– Added NPPP-095(QNPPP781): Notepad++ 7.8.1

– Added PLXS-049(QPLXS11811973): Plex Media Server

– Added SMWI-037(QSLACK412): Slack Machine-Wide Installer 4.1.2

– Added VMWW-024(QVMWW1550): VMware Workstation 15.5.0 Pro


– Added CSFS-191010(QFS51910102): Falcon sensor for Windows 5.19.10102

– Added MORPRO-190606(QMORPRO35): Morphisec Protector 3.5

– Added TSF-019(QTSF440508): TreeSize Free


– Modified GOTOO-005(QGTO10533): Updated deployment URL

– Modified FF19-023(QFF700): Added Estonian language URL

– Modified FFE19-6820(QFFE6820): Added Estonian language URL