New Ivanti Patch for Windows Content Available – 03/11/2019

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XML Last Modified 03/11/2019


– Added DROPBOX-104(QDROPBOX684102): DropBox 68.4.102

– Added MBAM-013(QMBAM3712839): Malwarebytes

– Added RP18-016(QRP18116215): RealTimes RealPlayer


– Added PLXP-031(QPLXP2291961): Plex Media Player 2.29.1

– Added R-003(QR353): R for Windows 3.5.3

– Added ZOOMOUT-007(QZOOMO4648723): Zoom Outlook Plugin 4.6.48723.0311


– Modified MS19-02-MRNET-4483452(Q4483452): Updated detection logic

– Modified MSNS19-01-4487345(Q4487345): Updated replacement logic