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End of Life notice: Shavlik Protect 9.0 will reach end of service on October 19th, 2016 and we are pushing back the Shavlik Protect 9.1 end of service to March 31st, 2017. To avoid interruption of service you should upgrade to Protect 9.2 Update 3 which can be found on our downloads page.

XML Last Modified 09/12/2016


– Added GOTOM-020(QGTM72215530): GoToMeeting 7.22.1

– Added MOZYH-029(QMOZYH2322514): MozyHome

– Added PZIP-002(QPZIP611): PeaZip 6.1.1


– Modified MSWU-1164(Q3034348): Updated detection logic

– Modified MSWU-1874(Q3095113): Updated detection logic

– Modified MSWU-1967(Q3144850): Updated detection logic