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All Protect customers, Patch 2 has been released for Protect v9.0 and v9.1. The updates include a fix for an upcoming syntax change to CVE-ID. Without this patch you will not be able to update content after the CVE syntax change occurs. For more details on how to download and apply the update for your version of Shavlik Protect please refer to this article:

XML Last Modified 2/5/2015


– Added APSB15-04(QAF1600305): Adobe Flash Player

– Added MSAF-038(Q3021953): Update for vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player in Internet Explorer: February 5, 2015

– Added CHROME-124(QGC4002214111): Google Chrome 40.0.2214.111


– Added CCLEAN-019(QCCLEAN502): CCleaner 5.0.2

– Added MOZYH-026:(QMOZYH2282432) MozyHome

– Added MOZYP-026:(QMOZYP2282432) MozyPro


– Modified GAUR81-012(Q2996799): Updated detection logic

– Modified MS14-082(Q2726958): Updated detection logic